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We built Dumpling to help people gain greater control, autonomy, and flexibility over the way they work


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Personal Shopper with cart full of fresh produce and groceries in a grocery store.

In 2016 we set out to find an answer, we didn’t know we’d eventually be taking on the gig economy. But that’s where the question led - directly to the thousands of independent contractors who felt underpaid, exploited, and taken for granted by on-demand grocery delivery apps. We realized that the only thing standing between these workers and the ability to start their own personal shopping and delivery companies was access to the right technology. So we built it for them.

Why we started

VP of Operations

Pleasant Hill, CA

Bree Viscia

Head of Backend Engineering

Seattle, WA


Founder, Co-CEO

Seattle, WA

Joel Shapiro

Director, Resort Business

Littleton, CO

Jon Miller

Business Owner Support

Seattle, WA

Kat Andrews

Head of Mobile

Portland, OR

Matt Gilk

Founder, Co-CEO

Berkeley, CA

Nate D'Anna

VP Marketing

Seattle, WA

Olivia Yates

Business Owner Support

Indianapolis, IN

Renee Rodriguez

Data Scientist

San Francisco, CA

Shreya Surana

Founder, CTO

Coeur d'Alene, ID

Tom Schoellhammer

Our team

Dual Headquartered in Berkeley & Seattle

Where we’ve been

Over the years we developed relationships with the business owners who used our platform, creating a feedback loop that influenced how our tools and technology grew and changed over time. As we continued to build tools for local business owners, we found that although the majority were serving local, repeat customers, there was another group providing pre-arrival groceries for vacation guests at resorts and vacation rentals.

In 2021 we recognized the widespread need for tools & technology within the resort grocery delivery space and decided to take what we’ve learned and built in the grocery delivery industry and apply that to the vast market of vacation businesses. Thus, Dumpling Resort was born.

We decided to learn more about these business owners serving customers in resort & vacation areas. We discovered that these resort grocery delivery businesses primarily cater to one-time customers from out of town that want to arrive at their vacation home with a kitchen stocked full of their specified groceries, drinks, and snacks. In many cases, owners of these resort-focused businesses manage teams of seasonal employees, handle an influx of orders during peak seasons, and maintain partnerships with local resorts and property managers. As you can imagine, servicing this population and their unique needs requires a specialized set of tools.

Where we're going

Now, Dumpling Resort has grown exponentially and we’ve partnered with the top vacation rental management, resort, concierge, and grocery delivery businesses in luxury vacation markets across the country. We provide tools for grocery delivery businesses in over 15 states. With such a widespread network of grocery delivery businesses, vacation rental businesses and resorts can tap into our network and offer pre-arrival groceries to their own guests, without lifting a finger. The best part, they can do this all under their own brand!

We plan to continue building out our suite of tools to serve our users, allowing them to run their businesses more efficiently and positively impact their bottom line.

Luxury vacation rental kitchen with large island overlooking ocean
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